Batteries by Technology

This table shows you all our battery systems by technology. In the specific type range table you get all relevant
product data of our types. E.g. Data Sheets, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Graphs, Photo of cell type, …

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For additional information see also „Benefits per Technology“
Rechargeable NiMH Button
Series V … H robust
Series V … HT robust85C
Series V … HR powerful
Series V … HRT powerful85C
Benefits: Rechargeable NiMH Button
Rechargeable NiMH Cylindrical
Series VH ... 
Benefits: Rechargeable NiMH Cylindrical
Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
Series LPP ... 
Benefits: Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
VARTA EasyPack & Evaluation Kit
Rechargeable Lithium Cylindrical
Series LIC ... 
Benefits: Rechargeable Lithium Cylindrical
Rechargeable Lithium Prismatic
Series LIP ...
Benefits: Rechargeable Lithium Prismatic
Rechargeable Lithium Button
Series CP ...
Benefits: Rechargeable Lithium Button
Primary Lithium Cylindrical
Series CR ...
Series ER ...
Benefits: Primary Lithium Cylindrical
Primary Lithium Button
Series CR ... 
Benefits: Primary Lithium Button
Primary Alkaline Cylindrical
Series p ... 
Benefits: power one Alkaline
Primary Zinc Air Button
Series p ... 
Primary Silver Button
Series V …
Series V … MF
Benefits: Primary Silver Button
Primary Alkaline Button
Series V ... 
Hydrogen Gas Generating Cells
Series V ... H2
Benefits: Hydrogen Gas Generating Cells (H2 Cells)

Special H2 Gas Generating Cells!